35 Simple Things You can do to Improve Your Life Today

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40 Hobbies For Men They Will Actually Enjoy

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3 Better Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack

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Ways to be a Clean Guy and Build More Confidence

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How to Trim Nose Hair: A Quick and Easy Guide for Men

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Why Do My Balls Stink? Causes and Solutions

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Why do Men Take Longer to Poop?

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How to Clean Your Ears With Q-Tips

Clean your ears with Q-tips, they say. It’s what it was designed for in the first place, they say. And then, everything changes. “Don’t use Q-tips to clean your ears.” “You’ve been doing it wrong all these ears.” Blah, blah, blah. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Don’t you think it would be … Read more


How We Find Cool Man Gear

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How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

Only you can determine how often you should change your razor blades. Most men think that you need to change your razor blades when someone else tells you to change them, and that’s just weird and makes no sense. Gillette recommends you change your razor blades every 5-7 shaves, which I think is a bit … Read more


The Man’s Guide to How to Brush Your Teeth Better

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Man’s Guide: 7 Simple Steps on How to Shave Your Face

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