The Man’s Guide to How to Brush Your Teeth Better

By John Cruz

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If you want to learn how to brush your teeth better, good.

When you think about brushing your teeth, it sounds extremely boring.

It also sounds like it’s something we should already know unless, of course, we’re dealing with kids.

However, it’s something that needs to be taught, and it’s something we need to do properly.

So, before pulling that toothbrush out of the plastic you got from the dentist, let me show you how to brush your teeth.

And, if you want to watch a very disgusting video on how to brush your teeth, here’s one from the ADA.

How to Brush Your Teeth Better

Everyone has their ways and techniques when it comes to brushing their teeth, and that’s cool.

Personally, I’m more of an “at least you’re brushing your teeth” kind of guy.

It’s not the best way to look at things, especially if you’re aiming for better hygiene, but it’s a way to get that toothbrush in your mouth.

Now, if you’re looking to do it properly and prevent cavities, you might want to take these steps.

Step 1 – Rinse Your Mouth

This is a critical step to brushing your teeth better.

When you wake up, your mouth is naturally nasty and extremely dry.

Especially if you had a long night of drinking.

Instead of diving right into your mouth, rinsing it allows your mouth to be moist, which will help with step 3.

Step 1 – Rinse Your Toothbrush

Like showering and shaving, you want to wet your toothbrush first.

You can let the water run over the bristles, but it’s best to get your thumb in there to get it soaked.

This works with steps 1 and 3.

Step 3 – Apply Toothpaste

Some people have the misunderstanding when it comes to toothpaste.

Call me conservative, but you do not need the recommended amount of toothpaste.

You need a pea-sized serving, and you’ll get enough bubbles in there to get the job done.

Step 4 – Brush Your Teeth With Small Strokes

Although small strokes work best, most of us will continue to try to cover more ground.

Smaller strokes will work best if you want to brush your teeth better.

Think of how you would clean off something small that required a toothbrush.

You would pay attention to detail so as to get the dirt out.

The same thing goes with your teeth, so treat them as such.

Switch between circular and straight strokes so that you can cover more space in that regard.

Step 5 – Brush Your Tongue

I’m not a fan of tongue brushes, as they don’t do the best job.

Your toothbrush does, and it’s best to brush your tongue right after you’re done brushing your teeth.

That way, you get nice sudsy bubbles and don’t waste any toothpaste.

Step 6 – Rinse Your Toothbrush

Rinse your toothbrush when you’re done brushing and store it in a cup or somewhere that your bristles aren’t touching anything.

Those hanging toothbrush things will work as long as you give your toothbrush a chance to dry.

Step 7 – Rinse Your Mouth

Now that you know how to brush your teeth better don’t forget to rinse your mouth.

Gargle, swish around some water, and give it a nice spit right into the sink.

Repeat the process until you feel you have gotten everything out, with your mouth feeling fresh.

Helpful Tips


Don’t forget to brush twice daily for at least two minutes, covering every tooth.

Cover your gums as well, as you need healthy gums to keep your teeth in your mouth.

Brush twice daily, and floss once, preferably at night.

Schedule those 6-month checkups, and don’t forget to let your dentist know if you have any concerning issues.

Repeat these steps every time you brush your teeth; it will save you from having to visit the dentist for extra care.

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