How We Find Cool Man Gear

By John Cruz

As men, we tend to love cool things.

Whether it be some gadget that helps improve our life or something that keeps us busy for a few days, we are in.

Men are the easiest to please, and that’s a good thing.

Like most men, I always look for the latest and greatest products.

And that is why we have an entire section for this kind of stuff.

The beauty about this “stuff” is that they’re not just any kind of stuff.

They’re unique things that we find that no one else does.

Let’s just say we have some connections.

How We Find Cool Gear

Most people don’t know that there are sites out there that showcase new products.

Not just new products but products that don’t even hit the shelves of stores.

These products are found on the web, and most often, you will know nothing about them.

That’s the case until you land on our site.

How do we find the latest gear?

We Scour the Web

The internet is here, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Thankfully, we can get a bunch of things you won’t find at Walmart or Target.

The types of things that you won’t see everyone and their mothers wearing.

The beauty of what we find is that we don’t always get them ourselves.

These things are found through our next best way of finding cool man gear.


Crowdfunding is one of the newest ways to get cool stuff.

They are a bit different though, as you don’t just go there to shop.

They are crowdfunded and supported by people like you and me.

Product creators showcase their products and get support from everyone.

When they meet the threshold they set, they start production and shipping out products.

It can be scary at times, and that is why we don’t recommend just anything.

Product Reviews

If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s picking apart different products.

Whether it be a shaver or the latest apple watch, we want to test it.

Although we don’t get our hands on everything, we at least give you the low down on different products.

We will tell you if you should buy a specific product or hold off if things don’t feel right.

When we do get a product, we use and abuse them to give you the best understanding.

These reviews don’t cost you a thing, but you can always support us by using one of the links provided.

Sometimes we do get a commission, and you can read more about it in our disclaimer.

This also costs nothing on your part, as it is one of the services we provide to our readers.

Conclusion – Stay Informed

As we comb the web looking for stuff, you can sit back and enjoy what we find.

You can subscribe to our newsletter, or you can always pay us a visit later.

Whatever you choose to do, we will never charge you for it.

I hope this helps you understand the process of getting you the coolest gear out there.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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